Forever Soulmates – A Poem

Forever Soulmates – Love Poem

Sharing everything with each other
Understand each other without words
As if we were born for each other
No more playing games or reserves

The times when we complement each other
Are experiences with a divine uniqueness
The moments we learn from each other
They reveal our deepest secrets

Getting the best out of each other
unconsciously translating each other’s dreams
Feeling the needs of each other
One look and comprehend it immediately

Supporting each other when things don’t work out
Is something that comes so naturally
When I’m about to get lost and you pick me up
While learning my life lesson you wait patiently

Everything that I’m telling you
You seem to already know
For something magical has told you so
The same magic through which I found you

Reaching from across the sea
Like we have been in love before
Many times is my only guess
I have never felt so calm in my core

To know you are my soulmate
Assures me our love is one of a kind
A flow of love which will never disappear
There is no trace of doubt in my mind

A wonderful enrichment of my life
A deep bond woven through love
Without each other not complete
Is what our soulmate love is about

These strong feelings of loving you
I could not express in any other way
Then writing this poem straight out of my heart
To tell you I will forever love you

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