Celestial Days: Spirit of Hope and Happiness (Illuminating Poesy book 3)

‘Celestial Days: Spirit of Hope and Happiness’ is a thoughtful and heartfelt collection of poetry, truly written from the soul. Well-crafted poetry by an accomplished poet expressing her vivid passions and love of life through poetic creations. Sparking enchantment with descriptive use of words, the book draws you into a fountain of perpetual flow and asks you to heal. If you wish to be touched by the poetic chords of ‘peace and love’, this poetry bundle is a must-read.

Martine Weber writes from her heart. Martine is a poet and writer and lives in the Netherlands. She studied Philosophy and Public Management in Leiden, the Netherlands, and at Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana. Her creative reflections from looking at everything in different ways are generating unique and different insides into life’s mysteries. She literally sees poems in everything. She is blessed with a healthy dose of self-mockery.
Her compelling and illuminating poetic writings, rich with imagery, philosophical and spiritual themes, with a compassionate wink at human nature, have been published in various publications on Medium.
Martine Weber is also a songwriter and composer under her pseudonym Sofie Weber.

Follow Martine’s work:
@MartineJoWeber on Twitter
Medium: https://medium.com/martineweber
Facebook: Martine Weber and Sofie Weber songwriting and poetry
WordPress: https://sofieweber.com/

Image of book and red rose: Image by Gabriele M. Reinhardt (LILO) from Pixabay 

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